NEWS: Release of the first ATEOC-EP – in December ’17

At the Edge of Chaos is a shapeshifting formation of Jazz- and Rock-musicians and a song repertoire between the extreme poles of life, conceived by one singer/songwriter, interpreted by all. Jazzed-up Popmusic with a FolkRock sound!

    ” …Since his return from the abyss he has spent his time on and off,
traveling between the poles of serenity and the chaos of life, searching for a balanced
path between the two. In his search he encountered a state of flow in which balance was effortless and transcended good and negative emotions to a place where it    JUST.   FELT.   RIGHT.
Seeking to re-create this state of flow he found himself thrown back and forth between the poles of life and in order to center himself – at some point, naturally – he started writing songs again.
The music was, more often than not, conceived AT THE EDGE OF CHAOS. ”